Partner universities

Partner universities

Although only recent, the co-option of partner universities committed to pedagogical coordination has met with great success, and has already enabled a dozen universities (some of which are in the process of harmonizing their degrees and diplomas) to benefit from Sorbonne International’s contributions…

Sorbonne Publications

SORBONNE Publications doesn’t publish much, but it does so in an innovative way. At the end of a process that reflects the new habits of the specialized readership (role of corporate influencers, the audiovisual press and search engines), we give priority in limine to electronic publishing, highlighting authors and their fundamental messages, and finally ending up with the paper book as a reference work that readers want in their daily environment and as a source of shared convictions.

Coming soon: book introductions, author profiles, excerpts and free downloads for Institut SORBONNE subscribers, teachers and students; thank you for your patience!

Corporate Nursery

Some emerging companies,

in the environment


tomorrow’s success stories!

Sorbonne Sciences et Finances

Sorbonne International’s Science and Finance department works in partnership with doctor-entrepreneurs, innovative companies and public or private research units, bringing inventors, creators and researchers closer to entrepreneurs in the sector concerned.

Sorbonne solidarity

From its very beginnings in 1250, the Sorbonne has always sought to ensure that money would not be an excessive obstacle to the education of determined students. But free knowledge comes at a cost, which has to be financed. SORBONNE SOLIDARITE, managed by and for learners, offers grants for individual applicants and international collaboration opportunities for students from associated universities.

Sorbonne Campus Africa

The « African ERASMUS » is on the way! With the help of doctoral students and the support of several universities in 4 African countries, 2024 should be the organized framework for inter-university exchanges, opening up the best African talent to the international arena.

Club des dirigeants SORBONNARDS & Professional opportunities

We relay here, free of charge and with no obligation, job offers, internships, collaborations and other offers from or potentially targeting international Sorbonnards .

Doors open for you

Let’s go further together

The « SORBONNESTART-UP » business nursery

The validation of a concept does not, unfortunately, make a company, and beyond a technological innovation, a market potential, an exploitable opportunity, it is then necessary to gather men of very diverse competences and appropriate means. This inescapable stage is subdivided into various phases, from pioneers to skilled managers.

SORBONNESTARTUP puts its campuses in France and elsewhere at the disposal of up-and-coming companies: the selection process is as obvious as anywhere else, but SORBONNESTARTUP aims to become an essential label for specialized investors over time.


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Learning, then what?

Learning. The pleasure of learning, of seeing the power of knowledge annihilate ignorance, transforming fears into mastered obstacles. Turning knowledge into the chrysalis of the learner who has become a self-assured, self-assured learner!

It’s quite an adventure to achieve a victory over oneself, and to have it indisputably recognized by a diploma, a professional title or an operational responsibility. But what happens next? How do you go from being a consumer of knowledge to an active, recognized contributor, useful to yourself, your family, your nation and humanity?

Reaching out to others becomes essential. The intimate act of acquiring know-how and interpersonal skills, this personal endeavor that sets us apart from others, also becomes a means of enriching ourselves, through the experience that the « other » will offer us by putting us in a position to exercise our knowledge, be it artistic, scientific, commercial or societal.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country! (j.F.KENNEDY)

Nothing great can be achieved alone. Staying true to oneself while contributing to others requires initiative on the part of the employee who invests himself in his job with self-sacrifice, the middle manager who knows that the devil hides in the smallest detail of his responsibilities, the manager who is concerned about the expectations that his constituents and society as a whole have placed on him, and the bold entrepreneur who will never be satisfied with seeing his knowledge unused and will take to heart the need to perfect his skills and/or undertake new ventures. All these people need to be supported and encouraged with confidence.

The Sorbonnard family is an open one, sharing values that respect the differences of others, which are less than what unites us.

And by our common desire to make the world a better place. Every Sorbonnard can contribute, every Sorbonnard must contribute.

jc.clairviel, Dean.